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Homealive is created to address a long felt need in real estate sector focused on residential properties.

Using Homealive you can show your buyers all they wish to see even before you begin excavation, that too from the very site where the project is coming up or from a comfortable location of their choice.

You can provide your customers a life-like visual experience as though they are standing in a fully built house/apartment. They can view their surroundings from different floors by actually walking into the balcony or looking through the window. In addition they can experience a variety of interior schemes with a real world feel of colour, texture, lighting, furniture, fixtures, etc. be it in the bedroom, bathroom or the kitchen.

The above experience is delivered using a combination of advanced technologies like virtual reality, real time simulation and 3D stereoscopy. The fully immersive option involves a one-time hardware infrastructure to be established followed with customised 3D content for each specific project, whereas the fully interactive option can be rolled out on a variety of hardware platforms such as desktops, laptops, tablets and even online!

Homealive answers all the questions in the mind of buyers prompting them to make quick investment decisions and stay longer as your satisfied customer.

Now you have a way to help your customers experience what they perceive, and make a quick sale.

To use Homealive as a launch pad for all your future projects please feel free to contact:

Mobile +91 9739527976
Office +91 80 41632586/87

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