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VST is a real time 3D simulation platform to train operators and service technicians on:

  • Understanding of various components and their functions in any equipment
  • Various operational parameters
  • Simulating types of failures and troubleshooting
  • Simulating maintenance sequence
The training is provided on simulated work environments and tasks in a manner that each person feels as though they are working on actual machine.

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This real world experiential learning engages the user fully in task in hand. This alternate form of on the job training provides enormous flexibility in scenario planning. Certain scenarios which, a trainee would not have been exposed to for constraints of cost, time and safety, can be recreated repeatedly, thus preparing the trainee better.

Some of the additional benefits of using VST

  • Competency assessment
  • Evaluation record of each trainee for every session can be archived
  • Simulating different types of failures and troubleshooting
  • Absolutely no real time consumables
  • No expensive replacements
  • Literally nil impact on environment
Who can get maximum benefit?
Manufacturing industry, e.g. automotive, capital equipment, earth moving machinery companies, etc. with multi country operations and also companies having centralised training/collaterals for after-market.

How to roll out VST in your organisation?
Proof of concept, pilot for a mechanical/electrical sub system, a project for complex assembly interfacing multiple domains, medium term engagement for particular product, large engagement for complete product line.

For further details please feel free to contact:
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